Is TDD Dead

A page put together by Martin Fowler linking to the discussion between himself, Kent Beck and David Heinemeier Hansson on the topic of Test Driven Development (TDD) and its impact upon software design.

Coding through silos (5 tips on sharing code)

Love Steven Sinofsky’s work.

My Sublime Text 2 Setup

I use Sublime Text as my editor. So I’m documenting here my setup of Sublime Text.

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My OS X Mavericks Ruby on Rails Setup

Since the arrival of Mavericks I thought I would do a fresh install of my dev environment and I thought I would document my steps here.

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Rails Time Zone Select (time_zone_select) Australian Priority

Handy little bit that I picked up when using the time_zone_select form helper.

You’re able to set priority zones that appear at the top of the timezone select list so for my app I was looking to have the Australian timezones appear at the top.

For the US they provide a neat little method:

<%= f.time_zone_select :time_zone, ActiveSupport::TimeZone.us_zones %>

But for other countries the way of implementing this is different, and here’s what I found works:

<%= f.time_zone_select :time_zone, /Australia/ %>

Upton: A Web Scraping Framework