Devloper product owners or what I would call deputy PO/PM’s

This is a great article outlining some successes in regards to blurring the lines of rigid Agile or SCRUM.

What’s discussed here is empowering developers to own epics and be involved in there scoping, development, tracking and release readiness.

Agile is a mish-mash of different rules, boundaries, putting people in boxes defined by roles. I say mish-mash because depending which book you read, which expert you talk to or which flavor of Agile you take they each have different rules.

Don’t take this the wrong way I love Agile and have managed Agile projects for over 6 years. But I believe it should be treated as more a horses-for-courses framework. No one framework for development solves the intensely difficult task of developing software but instead a good team that comes to deliver with maturity evolves there own style with roles, responsibilities, communication and culture that works for them, this will be defined by the mix of people and there skills.

For instance, in the Atlassian example here you either need some developers with skills or acumen in Product Ownership or Project Management or a strong senior team of PO’s and PM’s to mentor the developer(s) to develop those skills.

Anyway, this is a good read and is yet another example of the endless potentially workable solutions for developing software and if you get a team and system that works then hooray to that!